Let me tell you about some of the songs...

by  L J Folk
"Hora da Festa!

Inspired by the footage of the Batucada rhythm bands featured during the 2016 Rio Olympics, this original piece features Brazilian native Maninho Costa, who creates a wonderful tapestry of percussion that works beautifully with the impeccable drumming of Steve Heathcote. Over all the excitement glides a sustained, guitar/vocal melody (played/sung by L J Folk) that soars above the percussion party going on below. Hora da Festa! Time to party!

Near Me
by L J Folk


A sweet, romantic RnB ode in the style of Michael Franks that almost didn’t make the cut, (only because we had too many songs to choose from) but ended up the title track. Features the smooth sax work of John MacMurchy. Open some wine, light some candles, play this song...     You're welcome.

This duet arrangement features the lovely voice of Emilie-Claire Barlow, with solo work by Stu Harrison, piano, and John MacMurchy, tenor sax. “We knew something special was happening when Emilie sang her first few notes in the studio, and the engineer, Bernie Cisternos and I both stopped and looked at each other, totally amazed! It is a moment I will forever cherish.” (L J Folk)

Your Song
Arr. L J Folk


The Look Of Love
Featuring Emilie-Claire Barlow
Arr. L J Folk

The song that L J ends his live appearances with, much to his audience’s delight. This rich, gospel-ly arrangement takes it to church in the Coda! Be sure to hang in to the end.

Solo: Pat Collins, bass

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