Ron's song/
big sky convertible
L J Folk

I was writing this piece for solo guitar when I learned about a close  friend's serious illness.  It was meant to be a solo guitar piece, that didn't need anything else. I later added the vocal lead, without words.  I'm not sure the  second part was  an attempt to capture the great release that follows, after a long struggle, but  visions of an open road, under a big, blue, Arizona sky came to mind.  Originally called, E Tune, I found "Ron's Song" a much more fitting title, as a tribute to my late friend.

This piece was inspired by a public television documentary on the terrible events that occured in Argentina, during the military rule of the 70's.  Those infamous events  mirrored what was happening across Latin America at the time. The committee that was later set in place by the government to attempt to make things right, was called, "Nunca Mas." Never More. I wrote this as a solo guitar piece, but later recorded the rhythm and lead guitars with Duncan Hopkins on bass, and Memo Acevedo on percussion. The haunting, final conga hit really sums up the piece.

nunca mas
 L J Folk
gathering of friends
 L J Folk


This song has been recorded as an a cappella country gospel song, an a cappella jazz song by Hampton Avenue, arranged by Deb Fleming, and now, as a piano-voice duet. I wanted to bring the vocal to a different place, and to inspire the new direction, I re-harmonized it, and had Dan Redner play the accompaniment, which he does splendidly. I think I'll leave the song alone now. Unless...

Great year
words: Vince Constantino
music: L J Folk


This lyric was the second "New Year" piece Vince and I wrote together. The first song, "My Year," was a little darker in tone, so I decided to go with the upbeat, "Great Year." It even includes a "Count-down!" 


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